Anti-Cancer Treatment

2no capsuleA description of how Herbal King anti cancer capsules work and protects life and improve all the body system’s ability. This is the important role for herbal anti cancer treatment.

Modern conventional medicine uses operations, chemotherapy and radio therapy to treat the cancer. At least these are the three major methods. They are all targeted specifically to the cancer cells but it is a sad fact of life that cancer mainly happens in middle to old age or for those with some body weaknesses. In this condition the body has difficulty in cooperating with the chemotherapy or radiotherapy. When the cancer cells are not fully destroyed by treatment the surrounding normal cells will probably also have collapsed before this time. Therefore even with the new type of chemo- or radiotherapy where there have been a lot of recent developments, they still cannot guarantee to conquer cancer. Alongside these developments for over twenty years

Herbal King have been looking for treatments with less side effects and less toxic or poisonous effect to do this job.

Even though the natural herbal remedies used to control cell growth have less side effects they also have a weaker anti cancer effect. Another difficulty is to control the exact dosage in herbal remedies and concentrate them accurately in the cancer cell area in the same way as radiotherapy tries. But because of these difficulties the answers have always been very difficult to achieve and so difficult to formulate an effective anti cancer herbal remedy.

Prof. Duo Gao during his research has also reasoned that the doctor’s duty is also to prolong life, to prevent sufferering and remove the reasons causing health problems.

When faced with late stage cancer he has conclude that a major priority is to prolong life, and remove suffering by improving the body condition or quality. This involves stabilising as much as possible the body organ systems and normal physiology and functions. The aim is to keep cells metabolism normal to increase cell vitality and improve the immune system and blood cell production system. When he chooses a herbal remedy he will focus on producing good Qi (energy) and nourishing the blood to avoid the effects of the chemotherapy and damage in the chemotherapy maze. Moreover he thinks that anyway cancer cells come from primarily normal cell degeneration and confused metabolism so the herbal remedy must aim to improve the bone marrow to produce the right blood cell function. In the meantime to stabilise the body normal cells functions. As time goes on the need to prolong the patients life becomes greater and in achieving this the chances that the new body cell reproduction will return to normal metabolism regeneration. This research has resulted in one new anti cancer capsule in which he uses over twenty different types of valuable medicinal herbs. This capsule can be used to supplement conventional operations, chemotherapy or radio therapy treatment and especially support late stage cancer patients. It can also be used in treatment of various types of anaemia and blood cell and immune system disorders. Cancer in different organs obviously causes different symptoms. Besides using the anti-cancer capsule more specific raw herbal prescriptions should also be used for regulating these specific symptoms so require a different prescription in the form of a “herbal tea”.

New Ideas Concerning Anti-Cancer Products

There are three major ways to treat cancer, an operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, even these cannot guarantee satisfactory results, and have side effects, but until now, there have no better methods to choose from.

1. - Our Dream Is To Use Herbs To Treat Cancersanti-cancer

2. - Prof. Duo Has Specialised In Oncology Research Since 1985 and Especially How To Use Herbs To Treat Cancer

In 1990, when he was working in the Beijing hospital oncology department, he classified the existing practice into three treatment groups: chemotherapy, Chinese medicine, or chemotherapy combined with Chinese Medicine, and thus was able to compare these three treatments, firstly discovering that pure Chinese medicine clearly extends the patient life. At the same time he reached the additional conclusions below:

  1. Of the anti- cancer herbs that were already discovered, during laboratory research no single herb could itself directly control the activity or growth of the cancer cell.
  2. The strength of the herbs were not strong enough compared with chemical pharmaceuticals but at the same time the side affects are much less, but because doctors often ignore the regular checking of the liver and kidney function there could be a greater chance of causing liver or kidney damage after an excessive long time taking of the traditional anti-cancer herbs.
  3. Comparatively other herbs traditionally used for “tonify the Qi (energy/vitality)”or ”tonify the blood”, have an obvious effect in reducing pain and improving the energy, thus prolonging the patients’ life.
  4. Chinese medicine can reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy, for example, to help reduce the digestive systems reaction to the chemotherapy, to help improve the body’s function of blood making, all these help patients get though the chemotherapy easier.

 Even though Dr Gao still could not achieve the successful goal of curing cancer by relying on the herbs only. That is until the year 1993, when he came to the UK his dream of curing cancer came true, with the help of two of his patient’s.

3. - Coincidence and Necessity

Mr Deyoung is a lawyer. In 1995, when he was 56 years of age, he developed a blood platelet increase abnormality, and had been receiving chemo treatment to suppress the metabolism of the blood cells, from this conventional treatment the bad side effects started immediately. But in 1996, he read an article in the Times which reported the details of how Dr.Gao had cured a patient of severe liver damage, so he decided to go to Dr. Gao’s clinic to seek treatment. After 3 months’ treatment, all the side effects of the chemotherapy had disappeared, he felt his energy levels also improved, then his lost hearing recovered and the blood test readings returned to normal, his appetite improved and his sleeping got better, so that he could again live an ordinary life. But the chemotherapy could not be stopped. He used both Chinese medicine and chemotherapy together for 5 years to keep the blood condition stable and be able to live a normal life. However Dr. Gao was not satisfied with only keep the condition stable, he wanted to cure his patient. But when they tried stopping the chemotherapy and just use the herbs on their own, the blood platelet reading would gradually rise up, from the normal 400 to a high 1200 and reached the danger level in just a few months, so he had once again to use the chemotherapy. Mr Deyoung therefore doubted the Chinese medicine, believing it can only be used in combination but did not have the ability to cure the illness on its own! 

By a coincidence, another patient brought inspiration to Dr Gao. When one day in 2001, just before Mr Deyoung’s appointment Dr Gao saw a patient with hepatitis B, who came back delighted with the result of a normal blood report. Earlier while Dr. Gao was in China, he has already formulated an anti virus pill to treat many patients, so he was not surprised by the good report, but when Mr DeYoung took out his blood report, he suddenly thought of the patient who had just left, and thought of the connection between the immune system and the virus, thinking through the traditional theory of Chinese medicine about the use of feedback and adjustment of basic knowledge, he could see among the blood platelets there was a deformity cell rate as high as 80%, this immediately triggered Dr Gao’s new idea.

The five elements theory (wu xing) of traditional Chinese medicine is in fact is a theory of interrelated adjustment and feedback. According to the theory, between the bone marrow (which is in charge of making blood) and the blood cells in the circulation, there should exist a supervisor system. Conventional theories haven’t yet revealed this process, so Dr Gao developed his own theory by inference and deduction:

If the supervisor system could not recognize the irregular blood platelet cells as blood cells and because the normal platelet cells were not enough, then a signal would be given to the marrow to stimulate it to make more blood platelets. The metabolism rate of the blood cells thus gets quicker and the production cycle gets shorter, and waste product is made because it is creating immature, deformed, irregular cells that thus enter into the blood stream, this wrong cycle made the condition worse, eventually spiralling out of control.

Obviously only when there are enough mature healthy blood cells in the blood stream will the wrong cycle be broken. The conventional medication’s aim to suppress the cell metabolism and division will therefore not correctly solve the problem. Having recognised this process Dr Gao applied his experience of treating aplastic anaemia to improve the prescription, since then, Mr Deyoung’s blood report has steadily got better and better so he can claim eventually to be fully recovered.

Dr Gao ‘s opinion is, that the cancerous cell is an immature irregular cell, so that it’s metabolism and division speed gets too quick. One can use the above inference as a guide and thus apply the whole new method to use the medication in a way which is contrary to the suppressing metabolism theory. This is to improve the marrow function, improve the cell’s energy, improve the body cell’s micro circulation, balance the whole body’s endocrine system and the nerve system etc. If one arranges the medications together, the resulting aim is to improve the energy of the body and the function of all systems and specially to improve the function of the normal cells.

So Dr Gao thinks physicians should:

  1. Firstly extend the patients’ life as the primary aim; (the fact cancer lumps/tumors exist or not is therefore a secondary need).
  2. Secondly even if existing cancer cells remain, as long as the normal cell’s function is alright, the immune system will be better and life will be extended and the living quality will be also better.
  3. Thirdly this kind of treatment method can effectively reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy and hospitalisation. It is certainly good and beneficial and has no identifiable damaging effects.

After using the revised prescription for 3 years, it has proved this product not only to be working well combined with chemotherapy, but that it also works well on its own and is very effective, quick and reliable in it’s result.